Angela Strassheim – The Feeling of Being Left Behind

I am going to take a break from Gossip Girl style to talk about a photographer I just learned about:


My favorite series of hers is called “Left Behind”

In the series, Strassheim takes autobiographic tableau photographs of her family to ponder core issues of existence, such as religion, identity, sexuality, and connection


Untitled (Grandmother)

“Left Behind”: is an exploration of her family’s Catholic beliefs and the idea of the Rapture leaving “unsaved” souls behind to deal with the memories of the dead


Untitled (Father)

These familial pictures delve into the specific issues of religion, rebellion, femininity and child sexuality


Untitled (Elsa)

 In an interview with Art Pulse Magazine, Strassheim talks about dealing with death, “We work our entire lives putting together a home that is a reflection of who we are, how we live and see ourselves. Once we die, it all gets split up and most of it thrown in the dumpster. The title [of the work] is about how the living carry on and another generation follows certain family traditions” Read the whole interview here


Untitled (Father and Son)

Strassheim adds a deeper psychological component to her subject because she is meticulous about lighting and composition, due to her previous work as a forensic photographer


Untitled (Grandmother’s Closet)

 The photograph of her grandmother’s bed is intriguing because of the lush pink color, luxurious decor, and the way light breaks into the room and spills onto the bed, despite the blinds being closed. By the warm tone of the photograph, I assume her grandmother is one of the “saved”. The use of symmetry in the work describes the way the subjects value the rigidity and order of religion.


Untitled (Grandmother’s Bed)

Strassheim uses a similar technique in other pictures to record seemingly shallow scenes, that contain perversion of sexuality, power, and religion


Untitled (Isabel at Window)

Explore the full series and other work


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